Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Class Teacher – Mr R. Goodes

Teaching Assistant –Mrs K. Mantell

The year before that step up to secondary school and a place that prepares you perfectly for the next stage in their futures. There’s a real love for learning in our classroom where we’re all allowed to make mistakes, even the adults, because that’s how we learn and improve.

It’s a really tough year with all the children sitting their SATs exams at the end of the year. But amongst all of that, there’s fun, laughter and excitement.

In Topic 1 we learn about aspiration and careers and what direction we want to go in our lives as well as a Team Building Sleepover that brings all children together.

Next we learn about different Biomes for Topic 2 where we make learning as interactive as possible.

For History and Topic 3, we learn all about the Victorians and how it was so different for the rich and the poor – they also get to live a day in the life of a poor Victorian child to learn valuable empathy skills.

Topic 4 is always an exciting one, with a visit to a theme park and learning about the Science and DT that go into the rides and finishing off with their own pitch for a ride they want at the theme park always leaves them wanting more.

With an end of year production for Topic 5 (an entrepreneurial project) and our yearly residential to Kingswood to look forward to, it’s always a wonderful year to remember as they move onto the next stage in their lives.

Classroom pic 1