Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Class Teacher – Mr N. Hudson

Teaching Assistant – Mrs D. Bronzini

Class Teacher- Mrs.O

Teaching Assistant-Mr C. Dale

Education is the most powerful tool in the aid to changing our world. Here in year 4, we strive to enhance the learning of our children to maximise the children’s full potential and thirst for learning. With a broad curriculum and a high level of expectation, Year 4 will be challenged throughout the year to undertake new challenges, both academically and for personal development.

We have worked really hard in English and Maths this year so far. We have written a range of genres in English spanning from newspaper reports to our very own Mythological stories. We have used all of our skills that we have learnt from our time at Westgate.

In Maths, we have expanded our learning by focusing on our basic maths skills. We have been using some great maths manipulatives within our lessons to help us understand our four operations, place value and most importantly...our times tables!

This year we have so much to look forward to. In our first topic we looked at Coasts and produced some great work based upon the questions “Who put the beach there? “And “How were the beaches made?” We were intoduced to using debates to answer our questions. Mr. Hudson was surprised at the reaction from the children who showed great enthusiasm towards the work.

Our second topic we looked at was the Vikings: Heroes or Villains? As a class we displayed many skills in trying to find an answer to our question. One child who was so enthused by the use of debating in our previous topic suggested: “Mr. Hudson, I know a great way of answering our question ….by a debate!” Year 4 will also be taking a trip to Kent life to live as a Viking for the day - the children of Year 4 have certainly connected to their Viking side!

In our final term we will we will be looking at “Electricity – Hazard or Protector.” Here we will have the opportunity to make our very own Lighthouse. We will study electrical circuits to make our lighthouse light up and look at the advantages of the use of lighthouse in protecting the boats from our dangerous coastline.