Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Class 2J

Class Teacher – Mrs J. Jones

Teaching Assistant – Mrs S. Williams

Read on and find out all about us!

We have been learning lots of exciting things this year across the curriculum.

Our first topic answered the question ‘Where Are We?’  We looked in detail at our local environment in and around Dartford, developing an understanding of the kinds of jobs that are available and the qualifications we would need to achieve in order to secure the job that we would like to do. We compared Dartford to Herne Bay, looking at the geographical similarities and differences, both physical and human. In November we visited Herne Bay to undertake some geographical fieldwork.

Our second key question was about Ancient Egypt.  Tutankhamun – murder or an accident? We were just like detectives looking at the evidence. We investigated the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and what life was like in Egypt nearly five thousand years ago. We had an amazing visit to Maidstone Museum where we mummified an orange – it was very messy!

In Year 2 we also answered the question - ‘How do you attract wildlife into a garden?’ We investigated what living things need to survive, designing, building and analysing habitats’
Our curriculum is very exciting and we link our topic work to our learning in other areas of the curriculum, including Maths, English, Art, DT, Computing etc.  British Values underpin everything that we do.

Our days at school are very busy but great fun. We work in lots of different ways, sometimes independently but also in pairs or in small groups. We share our ideas and challenge each other to help extend our learning. This collaborative work helps us to understand what we need to do in order to improve and reach our potential.